We’re finally shutting it down today since we decided to leave this project behind some time ago. All current files still available to download will stay available on files.gemstudio.hr subdomain. We’re still planning to use this service but only for our personal needs.

Upload.hr domain will be available for new registrations on December 22nd.

Development updateJust a small update:
1) upload.hr, we researched and reviewed the idea and decided to close it. Long story! Usually, we don’t quit from started project but this one is just a mistake.
2) crodns.com, old idea, to make a small service for domain availability checking. All Ajax, fast and very very informative. Design is already complete, programming at let’s say 10% :)

That’s all for now. Of course, we have many other client projects but I don’t like to talk about them, not the dev stage, it’s boring :)

Actually, it’s a renew. Last portal project was shut down due copyright problems and  lack of quality on copyrights laws in Croaita. It was an upload service where you could view all popular file types online without downloading them. Find out more on current old site at http://www.upload.hr

This time, we said “why upload when we can just download” :) so we started to work on a download portal where you can find the most famous software out there on one place, not any app – just the best and most useful. It’s going to be updated daily so you could always find the latest versions of your favorite apps.
Let’s leave in-depth project description for my future posts :).

Yesterday I’ve started writing the database structure so today I could build it and prepare the folders for the project. Cya soon ;)