Windows XP on a USB stick

Windows XP - USB StickI’m buying a new 8 Gig USB stick with 20Mb/sec. transfer speed. So, this crazy idea came on into my mind, what if I could boot WindowsXP from a stick, without the need of hard drive, installing apps on a stick, using it as my primary platform. And then, in matter of minutes I was researching the idea and found out that it’s possible, great! But, I hate this “but”.. you must pass trough hell to make it possible, I’ve lost two days trying and I gave up, ain’t worth it – for now! But I hope that one day windows will support this idea, could be very useful.

If you want to make a bootable linux (any distribution) it’s a piece of cake, use liveusb-creator application, select bootable linux iso file, insert USB stick and viola! :) You will have a bootable linux in 10 minutes. Don’t use slow (usb 1.0 or 1.1) flash drives.

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