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We at GEM Studio are working hard to develop the most advanced website that we’ve made so far, and this project is our own company website.  So what’s so special about our new site? I’ll tell you :)

  • AJAX calls everywhere, the most important part we use it – is main content. Every click to a page you want to open loads the content directly into the content part without reloading and thus saving bandwidth and loading time.
  • HTML5 tags like <article><header><footer> and so on. This may be useful to future developments of search engine and other crawlers so they know exactly where’s the expected duplicate content like Menu options and  content location.
  • CSS3 styles all around, shadows, rounded corners (like in the pic on the right), etc. Internet Explorer gave us some headache but we’re managing it with CSS2.1 and MS Filter effects to come as close as we can to CSS3 result in other browsers.
  • Goodbye Internet Explorer 6, no support for you. What this means for us is more coding freedom :) but still fighting with IE7.
  • WordPress Blog integrated in main design/within website, no /blog directory.
  • Social integration like Facebook Like on all content, FB comments on all articles, standard share options via Twitter and other networks, our tweets always in the sidebar with important news and hosting servers notifications.
  • Better integration of Live Support chat with Client control panel.
  • Killer Ajaxed domain availability checking, supporting over 350 (cc)TLD’s including Croatian ccTLD (.hr and

And much more! We hope you like what we’re doing and expecting your feedback as soon as we publish the website.

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