1. First of all I think this should be left for later stage.

    Regarding the idea itself, I think it’s fantastic. I can even addon to that. For example, you just enter you mobile number, and we use Twilio or TelAPI to send the pin number for logging in. It expires in few minutes, user can login quickly, doesn’t have to remember anything, max security, no captcha needed, etc.

  2. If you are being targeted … ill just lift your phone ( reset it if it has a pesky pin ) and then proceed to jump into all of your sites without having to track down all those long annoying passwords you may have forgotten … no system is full proof.

  3. If I find my phone or mail account stolen, then I guess nothing can stop the thief to access all the accounts. But then again, this method is more secure than the basic password storing in the local db. I don’t like when every now and than some service gets hacked and they force me to update my password, they break my own system of remembering passwords. I know, It’s about my own habits. :)

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