It’s hard to blog about anything when you don’t have time to manage your initial work. So just to leave an update, I’m still working on a new GEM Studio website along with other customer projects. Our new website will bring lots of fresh and innovative ideas to the local corporate web. We aim to receive at least one recognition prize for design, smart use of new web tech. and innovation. I’ll put more updates with video presentations of our new website qualities once we start with finishing touches.

Z-Day Hosting promotion

Hi folks, today we started new hosting promotion called Z-Day, it’s for a Zeitgeist movement occasion. We give 20% off any hosting package till 15.3.2009. and we have a special surprise for all our visitors and new clients on that day.

If you understand croatian, please go here for more information:

Hi folks, I’ve been very occupied last month by standard webdesign projects for clients. Speaking of clients, I’ve made an update for our backdoor references web page, you can find it here:, It’s a replacement for which is redirected now so you can’t see it. It’s a bit flashy, I have used some JavaScript to make it modern, very simple effect.

Till next time, have fun ;)

Hi, few days ago I wrote a post that disappeared later :( I’m not going to write it again, it was about new updates so go there, check the proxy feature and contact me if there are any errors :)

So, what’s new today:
– Call of Duty 5: World at War, game server in offer on
– Left 4 Dead, game server in offer on
– Error pages on GEM Studio website:

Game Servers by GEM StudioAfter months of slow development, (we) GEM Studio finally released the refreshed game servers offer on a newly built website dedicated only to game servers. You can find news from gaming industry, administration for game servers and child website for clans. I forgot to mention, this service is provided in cooperation with and only for Croatian and exyu market.

With the new website, we lowered the prices 40% on game slots. Other then that, now we support 43 game titles and ventrilo/teamspeak voice servers which are 50% cheaper when ordering along with the game server.


Izrada web stranicaToday I have finished the website, it’s SEO optimized to boost the web design sales in GEM Studio. Simple design, unique and lite content. We submited the site to many web directories, search engines, community services and other systems, it’s a Google bomb :). Can’t wait to see how good we scored for “izrada web stranica” keywords. Google Analytics installed!


It’s time to write something about me. It’s hard to start on this subject so I’m just going to go with the flow..

Edi BudimilicI’m Edi Budimilic and I live in Rijeka / Croatia.

What I do?

Me and my very good friend Goran co-opted in game development and finally named our two-person team Generation Stars as young new generation stars to come. We had a team of 8 people in no time and finally registered our team as Generation Stars Association in 2005. Our biggest success was the game Gink in Trouble that was published by Big Fish Games internationally and Iskon Internet (ISP provider) domestically along with country wide computer shops. We never earned the big money but success payed the bill ;) and we are very proud!

And what am I doing now?

Life, the thing that forced us to do more, to earn money. So we did some work in a grocery store, labored in other companies and finally Goran Duskic and I found a job in a Web Design company where we decided to do the same business much better and we did it! We registered our own company with a new friend and co-founder Marko Antolos. GEM Studio is the company name, it represents our first names as Goran Edi Marko.

Define GEM Studio services?

We started as website development studio but quickly expended our activities – which are:
– website development
– hosting / reseller / dedicated servers
– game servers
– web portal runners
– internet marketing
– google services
That’s it for now, more about GEM Studio some other time.

And more about me some other time also.
Have a nice weekend!