Z-Day Hosting promotion

Hi folks, today we started new hosting promotion called Z-Day, it’s for a Zeitgeist movement occasion. We give 20% off any hosting package till 15.3.2009. and we have a special surprise for all our visitors and new clients on that day.

If you understand croatian, please go here for more information: http://www.gemstudio.hr/hosting-akcija_3.5.html#jump

Hi folks, I’ve been very occupied last month by standard webdesign projects for clients. Speaking of clients, I’ve made an update for our backdoor references web page, you can find it here: http://izrada.gemstudio.hr, It’s a replacement for server.gemstudio.hr which is redirected now so you can’t see it. It’s a bit flashy, I have used some JavaScript to make it modern, very simple effect.

Till next time, have fun ;)

Hi, few days ago I wrote a post that disappeared later :( I’m not going to write it again, it was about crodns.com/beta new updates so go there, check the proxy feature and contact me if there are any errors :)

So, what’s new today:
– Call of Duty 5: World at War, game server in offer on http://gameservers.gemstudio.hr
– Left 4 Dead, game server in offer on http://gameservers.gemstudio.hr
– Error pages on GEM Studio website:

We’re finally shutting it down today since we decided to leave this project behind some time ago. All current files still available to download will stay available on files.gemstudio.hr subdomain. We’re still planning to use this service but only for our personal needs.

Upload.hr domain will be available for new registrations on December 22nd.

iPhone AppsIt’s here, in my hands, after so much waiting and waiting, even on D day I was waiting for half an hour in the line and 4 hours inside – waiting for paperwork to be done with some computer glitches on the way. That was 6 days ago and I still need to charge the battery almost twice a day. Already on the second day I got it jailbroken and filled with numerous apps, I’m starting to scale this apps to leave only the ones I will actually use. I’m still in need for few apps like GPS Google Maps where I can track a signal of my selected friends and myself at the same time – count distances and similar.

In overall, I’m very satisfied with the iPhone3G!
I will write about most useful apps now and then. 

Windows XP - USB StickI’m buying a new 8 Gig USB stick with 20Mb/sec. transfer speed. So, this crazy idea came on into my mind, what if I could boot WindowsXP from a stick, without the need of hard drive, installing apps on a stick, using it as my primary platform. And then, in matter of minutes I was researching the idea and found out that it’s possible, great! But, I hate this “but”.. you must pass trough hell to make it possible, I’ve lost two days trying and I gave up, ain’t worth it – for now! But I hope that one day windows will support this idea, could be very useful.

If you want to make a bootable linux (any distribution) it’s a piece of cake, use liveusb-creator application, select bootable linux iso file, insert USB stick and viola! :) You will have a bootable linux in 10 minutes. Don’t use slow (usb 1.0 or 1.1) flash drives.

Development updateJust a small update:
1) upload.hr, we researched and reviewed the idea and decided to close it. Long story! Usually, we don’t quit from started project but this one is just a mistake.
2) crodns.com, old idea, to make a small service for domain availability checking. All Ajax, fast and very very informative. Design is already complete, programming at let’s say 10% :)

That’s all for now. Of course, we have many other client projects but I don’t like to talk about them, not the dev stage, it’s boring :)