Korisnik.com - Besplatan hostingHere’s what we did last, it’s redesign of our free hosting service which is from now on a low budget hosting service.
There’s sponsored hosting for 0 Kuna and H-mini hosting package for only 100 Kuna per year, more details on the website. 

I hope you like the design, idea is not mine but made (draw/slice/put together) it myself.

URL: http://www.korisnik.com

Google ChromeGoogle Krom, as we would say it on Croatian. It’s a new web browser from Google factory. There are many things I can say about it, lots of likes and dislikes so I’d rather wait a month or two for them to upgrade the product then saying anything smart here.

That’s all, just wanted to make a note :)

Hi folks, I can hardly find the time to work on this project so it’s a bit slow but non the less in progress.

Just a small update here, I just made a first “beta” logo for upload.hr portal and here it is:
(fits better in the original header)
upload.hr logo

UPDATE: Check the other versions, first one is the simple default one..
upload.hr - default logo

Actually, it’s a renew. Last portal project was shut down due copyright problems and  lack of quality on copyrights laws in Croaita. It was an upload service where you could view all popular file types online without downloading them. Find out more on current old site at http://www.upload.hr

This time, we said “why upload when we can just download” :) so we started to work on a download portal where you can find the most famous software out there on one place, not any app – just the best and most useful. It’s going to be updated daily so you could always find the latest versions of your favorite apps.
Let’s leave in-depth project description for my future posts :).

Yesterday I’ve started writing the database structure so today I could build it and prepare the folders for the project. Cya soon ;)

Game Servers by GEM StudioAfter months of slow development, (we) GEM Studio finally released the refreshed game servers offer on a newly built website dedicated only to game servers. You can find news from gaming industry, administration for game servers and child website klanovi.net for clans. I forgot to mention, this service is provided in cooperation with gameservers.com and only for Croatian and exyu market.

With the new website, we lowered the prices 40% on game slots. Other then that, now we support 43 game titles and ventrilo/teamspeak voice servers which are 50% cheaper when ordering along with the game server.

URL: http://gameservers.gemstudio.hr