I’ve watched a video on YouTube where some guy bypassed the security lock on his jailbroken iPhone by viciously pulling and inserting his SIM card; some crazy method to bypass the lock and see the phone contacts :) definitely not worth a try if you found a locked iPhone in some bar ;) By watching that video, a thought came to my mind, actually two of them. Why this guy didn’t tried to tap the “contacts” button while on an emergency call, and why he didn’t try to launch the multitasking by double tapping the home button. I have tried both methods and it worked!

Double tapping the home button while on a Emergency call screen showed all the previously used apps, you could easily switch between them but not go to the home screen; so I tried the other method. Call the iPhone from your other phone if you know the number, answer it, tap the “contacts” button and now hit the home button; that’s it! You’re on a home screen with full control over device. Don’t forget this only works on jailbroken devices, I have tested it on iOS 4.2.1 and iOS 5.01.

Check the video:

Yes, I’m calling this post a package full of updates. Last few weeks I’ve taken more time to work on our own (GEM Studio) projects so here are few of those updates if you’re interested ;)

(Croatian only service for dream definitions, meaning of karma, lucid dreaming, lucky numbers etc.)
– additional SEO was done
– new content on Karma
– mobile version for dream definitions (iPhone, Android and others supported), just jump to the site with your mobile phone and you’ll be redirected to http://m.sveznar.com. Shown as cool iPhone w/ Android image below the menu on desktop version of the website.

(Croatian only service for checking domain availability in a smart way)
– footer iPhone image to tell the new visitors there’s a mobile version (m.crodns.com)
– ping has been fixed
– some security improvements

This is our new service for banner advertising on our own network of websites with over one million pageviews a month and growing. The service was just released few days ago and it’s currently operating for Croatian market only.

This is it for now but many more updates will come soon. We plan to finish all started projects dedicated to Croatian market but right after that we’re starting with realization on international projects, not only on the web but the iPhone and Android apps too. Can’t wait! :)

Finally, everyone wanted it but no-one made it .. until now! I didn’t like launching Safari, then going to Gmail and surf through it within limited space of the browser. And so I’ve made a full screen App without browser features.

I made it possible with a little cool browser meta feature “apple-mobile-web-app-capable”. To test it yourself go to http://gemstudio.hr/gmail/ and add this bookmark to Home Screen, there’s your Gmail App!

Download full source : gmail-web-app.rar (html, css, psd app icon)

Gmail App for iPhone - before

Gmail for Safari - before

Gmail App for iPhone

Gmail App for iPhone

iPhone AppsIt’s here, in my hands, after so much waiting and waiting, even on D day I was waiting for half an hour in the line and 4 hours inside – waiting for paperwork to be done with some computer glitches on the way. That was 6 days ago and I still need to charge the battery almost twice a day. Already on the second day I got it jailbroken and filled with numerous apps, I’m starting to scale this apps to leave only the ones I will actually use. I’m still in need for few apps like GPS Google Maps where I can track a signal of my selected friends and myself at the same time – count distances and similar.

In overall, I’m very satisfied with the iPhone3G!
I will write about most useful apps now and then. 

iPhone 3G with GPSA dream come true :) I’ll wait for it to come in Croatia but if it exceeds $25 for monthly subscription with the ISP I’ll give up and buy an iPod Touch – and wait for multi-touch Android phone! But my overall thoughts are very positive, iPhone 3G in everything but phone :D it has 3G+WiFi internet access, the uber cool and very useful GPS, free SDK for development and only with this features I can communicate on every possible network type/standard for free! Imagine, you can chat, talk, exchange data and do many more for free.. can’t wait for it!

iPhone 3G and iPod Touch with GPSCan’t wait for WWDC 2008 at San Francisco, only 11 days left. I’m waiting to find out more about new iPhone and iPod Touch which will include GPS and 3G (iPhone) I hope. It’s silly to buy any Apple product before this date so I’m going to wait for my new gadget a few days.