A Change of Mindset

A Change of MindsetThere is a time in your life when you think you know where you headed but what happens to many of us is that we forget to steer back on that (dream) line once in a while. It happened to me also. I started working what I love, in IT industry. But I noticed that building standard websites for Croatian clients started to look like a saleswoman dragging bought items over bar-code scanner in a local store, beep .. beep .. beep. That was not my dream!

My colleague and I were slapped by competition and their story recently. And long story short, we need to put more effort in foreign market and start building our business there. Our knowledge is not appreciated well in Croatia what makes it hard to earn enough money for a decent living. So you may guess what to expect from us in the future.

I’ll keep updating you and you keep visiting my blog! ;)

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