We’re finally shutting it down today since we decided to leave this project behind some time ago. All current files still available to download will stay available on files.gemstudio.hr subdomain. We’re still planning to use this service but only for our personal needs.

Upload.hr domain will be available for new registrations on December 22nd.

Korisnik.com - Besplatan hostingHere’s what we did last, it’s redesign of our free hosting service which is from now on a low budget hosting service.
There’s sponsored hosting for 0 Kuna and H-mini hosting package for only 100 Kuna per year, more details on the website. 

I hope you like the design, idea is not mine but made (draw/slice/put together) it myself.

URL: http://www.korisnik.com

Game Servers by GEM StudioAfter months of slow development, (we) GEM Studio finally released the refreshed game servers offer on a newly built website dedicated only to game servers. You can find news from gaming industry, administration for game servers and child website klanovi.net for clans. I forgot to mention, this service is provided in cooperation with gameservers.com and only for Croatian and exyu market.

With the new website, we lowered the prices 40% on game slots. Other then that, now we support 43 game titles and ventrilo/teamspeak voice servers which are 50% cheaper when ordering along with the game server.

URL: http://gameservers.gemstudio.hr

Izrada web stranicaToday I have finished the web-za-tvrtke.com website, it’s SEO optimized to boost the web design sales in GEM Studio. Simple design, unique and lite content. We submited the site to many web directories, search engines, community services and other systems, it’s a Google bomb :). Can’t wait to see how good we scored for “izrada web stranica” keywords. Google Analytics installed!

URL: http://web-za-tvrtke.com