I’ve watched a video on YouTube where some guy bypassed the security lock on his jailbroken iPhone by viciously pulling and inserting his SIM card; some crazy method to bypass the lock and see the phone contacts :) definitely not worth a try if you found a locked iPhone in some bar ;) By watching that video, a thought came to my mind, actually two of them. Why this guy didn’t tried to tap the “contacts” button while on an emergency call, and why he didn’t try to launch the multitasking by double tapping the home button. I have tried both methods and it worked!

Double tapping the home button while on a Emergency call screen showed all the previously used apps, you could easily switch between them but not go to the home screen; so I tried the other method. Call the iPhone from your other phone if you know the number, answer it, tap the “contacts” button and now hit the home button; that’s it! You’re on a home screen with full control over device. Don’t forget this only works on jailbroken devices, I have tested it on iOS 4.2.1 and iOS 5.01.

Check the video:

Are you up to the challenge with possible failure which can put your social life in second place and risk your relationship with love ones?

Don’t hope to be in those 5% of startups that succeed with little to no trouble. Startups can be really hard! I can just tell you to brace yourself because you learn only with your own failures. Good advices can only prepare you for a good hit, be it a good or a bad one.

What do you think is the Ultimate question somebody can ask you as a startup?

It’s very interesting to see how the words are generated by a software. This whole article was fully composed using Google Scribe. It’s a word suggestion text writer. I would like to see this implemented in WordPress or just to see it as a javascript plugin. It’s not only good for writing the content faster but also for those times when you’re trying to find the right word in your head. And yes, instant spellcheck ;)

I’ve tested their engine by writing “I like it” and accepted all the suggested words after that:
I like it and I’ma let you finish but Beyonce had one of these days I’ll bet your life..” :)

Go ahead, try it: http://scribe.googlelabs.com

There are many things I look forward to see in the near future. Technology that will hopefully redefine how we interact with information and other people in a good way. I’ve found some videos, concepts of the future. Enjoy!

Future of screen technology:

Microsoft’s Vision of the Future:

The Future of Mobile:

All these latest Google Search algorithm changes are making our visitor stats going wild both ways. The most important thing many webmasters forget to check after building a website is it’s loading speed. So many of them loading over 4 sec., even those with basic WordPress installation.
(try W3 Total Cache plugin).

I was dismissing Google algorithm changes at first, until I saw the stats for one of our websites; http://webimenik.biz to be exact. Website visits fell to over year and a half old averages. When I checked loading time it was obvious, WebImenik load time was over 5 sec. and first 3 was taken by CPU getting necessary data to show the front page.

So I’ve sat down and built Caching support which made our website faster by 50% and with few other tweaks like merging css files, minifying and compressing javascript it got to 60% improvement in speed. I could do it much more better but that requires too much time. Your visitors and Google will be thankful just with the basic tweaks (15min job), now get to work! ;)

Great online tool for checking website speed: http://tools.pingdom.com

There are many methods to make Ajax operations crawable by Google and other search engines. Many are still saying it’s not the right time yet to use Ajax for all dynamic content. I disagree! Google already introduced their method to make this work but it’s too complicated and needs a lot of additional programming time to make it work properly.

I on the other hand have a great idea that’s stupid simple, works for Googlebot and browsers with disabled Javascript. Isn’t that great!? :)
Even dough I came up with this idea myself, someone elase in the world had the same idea before me and it’s called Hijax. So what is Hijax in definition?

Hijax is combination of words Ajax and Hijack and that’s it’s core functionality. Hijax uses both Ajax and Javascript when available (to create those magical effects that Desktop apps had for decades). Hijax is using Javascript when available to hijack HTTP request (when website visitor makes a click on a link to another page) and enables Ajax magic to happen. But, when you open the page in a browser that doesn’t have Javascript enabled, the website functions as it should (without fancy effects that Ajax can provide), it opens the page with preloaded content. Hijax method is a great time and bandwidth saviour.

And finally the interesting part.
The example, dead simple:

<a href="page-2.html" onclick="AjaxCall('page-2'); return false;">

* Use this method on all links intended to work with Ajax calls.

That’s it! So simple! We are already using this method on our new company website that’s currently in development.

Google ChromeGoogle Krom, as we would say it on Croatian. It’s a new web browser from Google factory. There are many things I can say about it, lots of likes and dislikes so I’d rather wait a month or two for them to upgrade the product then saying anything smart here.

That’s all, just wanted to make a note :)