iPhone 3G with GPSA dream come true :) I’ll wait for it to come in Croatia but if it exceeds $25 for monthly subscription with the ISP I’ll give up and buy an iPod Touch – and wait for multi-touch Android phone! But my overall thoughts are very positive, iPhone 3G in everything but phone :D it has 3G+WiFi internet access, the uber cool and very useful GPS, free SDK for development and only with this features I can communicate on every possible network type/standard for free! Imagine, you can chat, talk, exchange data and do many more for free.. can’t wait for it!

Google or google? We all ask ourself, maybe it’s something more, much bigger to come? Only time will tell. More or less, many people commented the new Google favicon as a bad change and I agree with that, but that’s only me! I see new Google favicon less recognizable, it doesn’t stand out on browser tabsĀ as before, it’s less Google in it – the big G and the colors, less visible for people with vision problems, invisible when scaled down and the list goes on. The only good change is the philosophy behind the small g, there are many theories out there.

New Google favicon