Yes, it’s official. Official Lyrics is finally done, after 3 months of work, actually 12 hours of efficient programming. There is much to improve on the SEO side but the lack of time I have, I’ll call it finished. :)

So please visit the site or better yet, link to it! :) There are about 500 000 songs in there and Google is doing bad job at crawling it fast. I’ll put AdSense on it when I reach the goal of 400+ unique visitors daily.

Link: Official Lyrics

Windows XP - USB StickI’m buying a new 8 Gig USB stick with 20Mb/sec. transfer speed. So, this crazy idea came on into my mind, what if I could boot WindowsXP from a stick, without the need of hard drive, installing apps on a stick, using it as my primary platform. And then, in matter of minutes I was researching the idea and found out that it’s possible, great! But, I hate this “but”.. you must pass trough hell to make it possible, I’ve lost two days trying and I gave up, ain’t worth it – for now! But I hope that one day windows will support this idea, could be very useful.

If you want to make a bootable linux (any distribution) it’s a piece of cake, use liveusb-creator application, select bootable linux iso file, insert USB stick and viola! :) You will have a bootable linux in 10 minutes. Don’t use slow (usb 1.0 or 1.1) flash drives.

iPhone 3G and iPod Touch with GPSCan’t wait for WWDC 2008 at San Francisco, only 11 days left. I’m waiting to find out more about new iPhone and iPod Touch which will include GPS and 3G (iPhone) I hope. It’s silly to buy any Apple product before this date so I’m going to wait for my new gadget a few days.

Only for croatian market. Model HP Compaq 6715s with extra 1GB of RAM (2GB in total), 120 GB, DVD+-RW, ATI Radeon X1250,  modem, LAN, WLAN+BT, 2xUSB..

1 year old with garantee to expire due 20.6.2008 with possibility to prolong it.

Price: 4000 kuna (cca. $700)
or exchange with iPhone + iPod Touch
or exchange with 2 x iPod Touch

Please call 095/807-7929 or email to firedule @ gmail . com